Youth and Student Ministries Department

Baptist Student Fellowship


The Nigerian Baptist Convention's Christian witness and ministry in institutions of higher learning are in response to the Lord's command to make the gospel known to all persons.

Because schools are engaged in the quest for knowledge and truth of which God is the Source, the Christian perspective is essential to realize the ultimate in education. The unique nature of the student life and campus community demands a specialized ministry of the church to the individual need of students for redemption and Christian nurture within that community.


• To lead students to a commitment to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

• To involve them in the study of biblical truth and Christian discipleship.

• To lead them to relate academic disciplines to their Christian faith.

• To involve them in responsible church membership and denominational understanding and participation.


Making a personal, private/ public confession to begin a Christian life. Regular attendance to Christian Fellowships, church programme/activities, etc. becomes meaningful and rewarding after the experience of second birth.

Becoming an obedient follower of Christ; guided by the Scripture and the Holy Spirit. Emphasis is placed on personal and group study as well as on being obedient to the revealed Truth.


Need for a balance of spiritual and secular knowledge to enhance spiritual growth.

Total commitment to and full involvement in the programmes and activities of a local Baptist church.


To plan and develop materials and services acceptable for use by campus organizations, church BSF organizations, Associations, Conferences, and Convention in order to establish, strengthen and improve the ministry to students in schools of higher learning and in churches.


Student Ministries in the local situation is the ministry to students on campus or church. The ministry is conducted primarily in the following ways:

A student organization, which is called BSF (Baptist Student Fellowship).

A Campus Minister provides leadership to a campus-based BSF. This may be a fully employed person or a volunteer. The Campus Minister serves as adviser to the BSF.

A Church BSF Adviser provides leadership to a church-based BSF. This is a church member who is nominated by the BSF and approved by the church.

A Church Student Ministries Committee serves as a liaison between the church and the Student Fellowship in advising and assisting, giving particular attention to the area of student-church relationships.
An Associational and/or Conference Committee assist local churches and campuses in implementing and correlating a student ministry programme.

OUR FUNCTIONAL AREAS OF THE STUDENT MINISTRIES DIVISION PROGRAMME DESIGN : The Student Ministries Division shall be responsible for designing a programme of student ministry adaptable for use on campuses, in churches, Associations, Conferences and the Convention.

PUBLICATION OF MATERIALS: The Student Ministries Division shall make available materials to serve as guidelines for establishing a Baptist student organization on a campus or in a church.  The Division shall also make available materials for strengthening and improving student organizations (e.g. promotional materials, Bible studies, leadership training courses, discipleship courses, outreach programmes and retreat plans). In addition, the Division shall make available a daily devotional guide.

FIELD SERVICES: The Student Ministries Division shall make available personnel to assist in the establishment, development, and promotion of Student Ministries throughout the Convention.

CONFERENCES: The Student Ministries Division shall be responsible for the encouragement and promotion of Associational, Conference and National student programmes.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The Student Ministries Division shall be responsible for reporting its work and ministry activities to the Convention.


Student Ministries Division receives support from churches and is one of the outreach arms of the local church. Churches throughout the Nigerian Baptist Convention have a medium of ministry to students through the Baptist Student Fellowship. Student Ministries Division has a responsibility to help churches develop an effective ministry to students. In the Nigerian Baptist Convention context, ministry to students is the work of the church.


The BSF is an organisation, a fellowship and a ministry. It is an organisation of Baptist Students, a Fellowship of Christian Students, and a Ministry to all students.


The logo of the BSF is a symbol which describes the purpose and goal of the ministry to students. Four (4) symbols are involved:

The academic cap (mortar board) stands for academic success (Acts 26:24).

The church building stands for the local church (Matthew 16:18 )

The open Bible stands for the revealed Word of God (2 Tim. 3:16 )

The globe stands for the vision of the whole world (Matthew 28:19-20)

The mortar board, placed in the centre of the church is the symbol of academic achievement, symbolizes the successful student.

The silhouetted church, in the centre of the open Bible illustrates the New Testament church which is today the visible expression of the Word of God. The church spiral points upward to the ultimate source of truth and wisdom.
The successful student is a part of the New Testament church pointing man to the Ultimate Source of all wisdom.
The circle shows that the ministry of the church is to the whole world.

"By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (John13: 35; NIV).

The Baptist Student Fellowship motto is a reminder that the love and unity within the Christian community is the characteristic by which others will recognize the followers of Jesus Christ.

The colour of BSF is light leaf green, which stands for the physical, spiritual and intellectual growth of students. It shows that a successful student needs to grow daily and steadily in all these areas of life. The colour can be blended with other colours to bring out the beauty of the BSF colour.


An Outline History of Baptist Student Ministries of The Nigerian Baptist Convention
(1956 - 2004)  1956 Miss Mary Frank Kirkpatrick, the mother of student ministries and the pioneer missionary of the ministry arrived Nigeria . She began ministering to some students at Ibadan Boys' High School, Ibadan .
1957 The First "Baptist Student Night" was held at Antioch Baptist Church , Ogbomoso on 29 December. It was an opportunity for students to lead the programme of the church. Revd. Thomas Kennedy, a Southern Baptist Missionary working with Baptist Associations in the Northern Nigeria made contact with some students in the North especially in Zaria .

1958 University of Ibadan Baptist students requested a worship opportunity.

1960 Baptist Student Union (BSU) of University of Ibadan was launched.

1964 - The Nigerian Baptist Convention (NBC) agreed to set a Sunday night for students in December as "Baptist Students Night"

The BSU of University of Ife was launched on 11 October.

The Baptist Student Centre, Ibadan began to function.

Space was also given to student ministries in the Nigerian Baptist, the official magazine of the NBC
1965 Miss Kirkpatrick organized a Leadership Training Conference for students on 4 th of September.
1966 Miss Kirkpatrick started full-time student ministries .In July the first BSU National Conference was held at the Nigerian Youth Camp, Lagos/Ibadan highway with 37 students in attendance.

1967 Seek Daily, a book of daily devotions published by the student ministries started. It had been published before by Miss Nar Owens at Agbor Baptist Girls' High Schoor, Agbor.

1968 Baptist Student Union of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria started with the arrival of Miss Bettye Anne McQueen. She also extended the scope of the ministry to some towns in Northern Nigeria. She ministered to the ABU BSF till 1985 when she left for Ibadan to be the first Head of Student Ministries Department (SMD) Nigerian Baptist Convention.

1970 Charismatic and pentecostal awakening began on many campuses in Nigeria.
1972 Miss Kirkpatrick began the circulation of a student newsletter to various campuses. This Newsletter later developed into a magazine, "The Voice". It production was stopped in 1977 and later continued from 1985 by the Baptist Student Fellowship Alumni Association.

1975 The Baptist Mission of Nigeria passed a motion to bring student ministry under the complete direction of the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

1977 Miss Kirkpatrick departed Nigeria on 17 December.

1978 Mrs. Leslie Williams became the Student Ministries Co-ordinator and she retired a year later.
The NBC nominated the first student work Advisory Committee under the chairmanship of Deacon (Professior) A.F. Ogunsola.
The name, Baptist Student Union was changed to Baptist Student Fellowship (BSF)

1979 Miss Marie Van Lear became the Student Ministries Coordinator. She served till 1985.

1980 The student work Advisory Committee of the Nigerian Baptist Convention recommended to the Convention to open Student Ministries Department and name a Head of Department.

1981 The NBC acted on the motion to bring student ministries under the NBC by voting to open a department of student ministries and to seek a departmental head. This was during the Convention Session at Benin.

1982 Revd. Philip Wilson and his wife, Sandy joined the student ministries staff as Campus ministers for University of Jos BSF . They also extended their ministries to other parts of Northern Nigeria as the Northern BSF Zonal Coordinators. They resigned in 1993 to serve as the Executive Secretary of the Baptist Mission of Nigeria.
The year also witnessed the beginning of Baptist Student Fellowship Alumni Association.
1983 "BSF - NYSC Programme" started. Mr. Dejo Olaore (now Abioye) was the first corper. Chief Deacon S.S. Ayanda was very helpful on this programme.

1984 Mr. and Mrs. Everett Douglass arrived as full-time Campus Ministers at the University of Ibadan , Ibadan . Their ministry is best remembered for emphasis on Christian Discipleship. They resigned in April 1987.
The first church-based BSF was inaugurated at Abule-Okuta Baptist Church , Gbagada, Yaba, Lagos .

The first student holiday missionaries were sent to Home Mission fields.

1985 The first Secretary of SMD was appointed at the NBC Session in Jos, in the person of Deaconess Bettye Ann McQueen. She opened the Student Ministries Office on 17 June 1985 at Baptist Building , Ibadan Mr. Sunday Yemi Oyegbile was appointed as SMD Office Secretary.

1986 Baptist Student Leaders' Fellowship began at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso.
Miss. Mojisola B. Olaniyan was employed as the Writer and Project Coordinator, SMD.

The Department began the publication of Department newsletter, "The Vision". The BSF Guidebook was also published.
1987 ­­­­­­­­­­- Revd. Nathan Nwachukwu joined the SMD staff as Eastern BSF Zonal Coordinator

1988 - Pastor Emiola Nihinlola joined SMD staff as Western Zonal BSF Coordinator.

The first Western Zone BSF Leadership Training Conference was held in December at Camp Young , Ede .

1989 - National BSF adopted its Constitution during the National Conference at Camp Young , Ede.

On 31 December, Deaconess McQueen resigned from student ministries as the Head of Department.
Miss Bonnie Brown arrived Nigeria in 1989 to start ministering to students in Port Harcourt and environs.
1990 - Pastor Emiola Nihinlola was appointed by the NBC to be the first Nigerian Coordinator of student ministries on January 1.

The beginning of Associational BSF activities.

Production of programme books for church based BSFs,

The induction of the first Volunteer Campus Minister in person of Revd. E.A. Ogunsola. He was VCM for Baptist School of Nursing, Ogbomoso. In June, Pastor Daniel Ogundayo joined Student Ministries as Western
Zonal BSF Coordinator.

1991 - Production of Programme Guidelines for campus-based BSFs began. The beginning of Award of Accountability Merit to BSFs. "Conference for Workers with Students". organized for pastors and adult leaders of BSFs, started.  Pastor Nkem E. Osuigwe became the Zonal Coordinator for the Eastern Zone 1 BSF with base in Owerri.

1992 Pastor Elisha Magaji joined the Student Ministries staff as the Northern Zone 1 BSF Coordinator.

1993 Pastors Adegoke Adeleke and Jeffrey Salako joined the student ministries staff as BSF Zonal Coordinators for

Western and Eastern BSFs respectively. Pastor Nkem Oswigwe resigned from the Student Ministries to resume as Pastor, Faith Baptist Church Port Harcourt.

1995 Student Ministries and Youth Department was inaugurated at Orita-Mefa Baptist Church , Ibadan  Mr Christian Opara joined the Student Ministries as Acting Zonal Coordinator with base in Owerri.

1996 - Revd. Goke Adeleke was transferred to the Youth Division as National Coordinator in February.
Mrs Mojisola Alabi (Nee Olaniyan) was also transferred to the Publications Department in June. In September, Mr. Diran Ajao was employed to serve as curriculum writer. Also in September, Pastor Joshua Oladapo, was appointed as Acting Zonal BSF Coordinator based in Akure. In August, Mr. Friday Ojiebun and Mr Moses Orukotan were appointed as Zonal Assistants with bases in Benin and Jos respectively. In November,Mr Nuhu Kahma was appointed as Zonal Assistant based in Kaduna. Mr Gbenga Akintola was also appointed as Zonal Assistant based in Ola-Ejigbo.
1997 Pastor Tayo Orodiji joined Student Ministries Division as Western Zone II Coordinator in June.
In July, Mr Keji Bolarinwa and Mr Dejo Abioye were appointed as Zonal Assistants at Ado Ekiti and Ilorin respectively.
1998 - In January, Revd. Lambert U. Njoku and Pastor Reuben Kpanvu joined SMD as Eastern I and Northern II Zonal Coordinators respectively with bases at Owerri and Kaduna . In June, Rev Stephen Olufemi Dada, Rev Friday Ojiebun, Pastor Gbenga Akintola were appointed as Acting Zonal Coordinators Northern Zone 1, Eastern Zone 1 and Western Zone 1 respectively. In June, Revd. Emiola Nihinlola resigned as the coordinator of the ministry and was succeeded by Revd. Daniel Ogundayo while Revd. Jeffrey Salako was transferred to Ibadan from Benin. In December, Revd. Daniel Ogundayo also resigned and assumed the pastorate of Calvary Baptist Church , Jos.
In March, Mr Sunday Adesina Ajekigbe was appointed as Zonal Assitant based in Minna.

Beloved Miss Mary Frank Kirkpatrick went to be with the Lord.

1999 - Bro. Abiodun Oluwole was appointed in April 1 as Zonal Assistant with base in Akure.
Revd. Jeffrey Salako became the Coordinator of the ministry from 1 st January

2000 - Mr. Sunday Oyegbile, was transferred from the Student Ministries Division to Men Missionary Union from January 3rd 2000 .Mrs Olufunke Ogunmola joined the Student Ministries staff as Office Secretary
2001 Brother Michael Owoade joined the Student Ministries as Zonal Assistant for Western Zone I with base in Ago- Are, Oke- Ogun in January.

2002 - Revd. Reuben .B. Kpanvu resigned as Zonal Coordinator for Northern Zone II to pastor Union Baptist Church , Keffi.

Pastor Joshua Oladapo was appointed as the Northern Zone II Coordinator with base in Kaduna from 1 st October.
Bro. Daniel Ayanmuyiwa was appointed as BSF Zonal Assistant for Northern Zone 1 on 1 st December
Pastor Elisha Agya Magaji retired as Coordinator of Northern Zone I on 31 st December.

2003 Pastor Moses Abiodun Orukotan joined the Student Ministries staff on 6 th January.

2004 Rev. Jeffrey Salako left for further studies in the USA on August 3 rd 2004 . Pastor Joshua Oladapo, Zone II Northern Coordinator resumed as Acting Coordinator.

In October, Rev. Tayo Chris Orodiji was appointed as the Acting Coordinator SMD in Ibadan , while Rev. Joshua Oladapo resumed in Akure as Zonal Coordinator.

In October, Pastor Gbenga Akintola, was appointed full-time Zonal BSF Coordinator, for Western Zone I.
Pastor Samson Okediji was appointed as Zonal Assistant for Western Zone II with base in Ogbomoso.

11 th January 2005 , Rev. Tayo Orodiji and Rev Goke Adeleke. Chaplain of Bowen University , Iwo , went home to be with the Lord.

Ist April 2007 - Revd Gideon Akanbi Joined the division as the 6th indigenous National Coordinator.
Ist May 2007- Pastor Bolaji Oyateru also joined the division as Zonal Coordinator for Northern Zone V with the base in Maiduguri.

1st January 2008- Pastor Alhamdu Tukurah was comfirmed as the full-time Coordinator for Northern Zone II with the base in Kaduna. This same year Gbenga Osho and Ajine Delo joined the Division as part-time staff with the base in Umuahia and Yola respectively.

Staff and Office Location

The Student Ministries operate in thirteen (13) zones across the country ministering to over 180 campuses. Under listed are the staffs providing field services to Baptist Student Fellowships across the Nation:

National Coordinator

Rev’d. Collins Olugbenga Olatunji (+2348033220237 08158891083)

Location: National Office, Baptist Building, Oke-Bola, Ibadan.


Rev’d. (Mrs.) Iyabo Aderonmu (08063092044) (on study leave)

Mrs. Bola Eben-Durodola (08063092044)

Location: National Office, Baptist Building, Oke-Bola, Ibadan.

Ministerial Officers

Rev’d. Moses Orukotan (08056111793) (on study leave)

Rev’d. Timothy Mobolaji Oyelade (+2348139661690, 08159992140)

Location: National Office, Baptist Building, Oke-Bola, Ibadan.

Western Zone I

Associate Coordinator: Bro. Adefisayo Ojo (0802 573 1661)

Location: Lagos East Baptist Conference Secretariat, Obanikoro, Lagos.

Western Zone II

Zonal Coordinator: Rev’d. Oluwamoroti Akintola (07033408256)

Location: Ogun Baptist Conference Secretariat, Idi-Aba, Abeoukuta, Ogun State.

Associate Coordinator: Pastor Amos Adedokun (08057075572)

Location: First Baptist Church, Ago-Are, Oyo State.

Western Zone III

Rev’d. Timothy Mobolaji Oyelade (+2348139661690, 08159992140)

Location: National Office, Baptist Building, Oke-Bola, Ibadan.

Associate Coordinator: Pastor Kunle Kofoworade (0806 918 5854)

Fountain of Peace Baptist Church, Oyo

Western Zone IV

 Zonal Coordinator: Revd. Samson ‘Goke Okediji (08035695310)

Location: Baptist Girl’s High School, Idi-Ifon, Osogbo, Osun State.

Associate Coordinator: Pastor Ralph Oladimeji (08030673568)

Location: Salem Baptist Church Ilorin, Kwara State.

Associate Coordinator: Arch. Biola Akinola (08038307770)

Location: Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State.

Western Zone V

Zonal Coordinator: Rev’d Adesola Adeyemi (08037608589)

Location: c/o First Baptist Church, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.

Associate Coordinator: Bro. Joash Oluwatimilehin (07068198215)

Location: c/o First Baptist Church Lokoja, Kogi State.

Eastern Zone I

Acting Zonal Coordinator: Revd. Friday Ojiebun (08037205420)

Location: Baptist Building, NTA Rd. Benin City, Edo State.

 Associate Coordinator: Revd Segun Abioye (08037908041)

Location: First Baptist Church Ogboreki, Delta State.

Eastern Zone II

Acting Zonal Coordinator: Pastor Gbenga Osho (08030482897)

Location: Goodnews Baptist Church Umuahia, Abia State.

Associate Coordinator: Rev’d Smart Nwaneri (07065856086)

Location: First Baptist Church Owerri, Imo State.

Eastern Zone III

Associate Coordinator: Revd Dennis Ototo (08067583779)

Location: Bayelsa Baptist Conference Secretariat, Bayelsa State.

Associate Coordinator: Bro. Lawson Ipalibo (08162555565)

Location: First Baptist Church Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Associate Coordinator: Bro. Femi Amigun (08052848685)

Location: First Baptist Church, Calabar, Cross-River State.

Northern Zone I

Zonal Coordinator: Rev’d. Michael Owoade (08064608588)

Location: C/O First Baptist Church Markudi, Benue State.

Associate Coordinator: Bro. Tunde Alagbe (08065769960)

Location: Baptist Convention Ground FCT, Abuja.

Associate Coordinator: Bro. Anzaku Mallam (08069567386)

Location: VictoryLife Baptist Church Lafia, Nasarawa State.

Associate Coordinator: Bro. Samuel Mtan (08032250581)

Location: Redemption Baptist Church Daudu, Benue State.

Northern Zone II

Zonal Coordinator: Rev’d Wumi Omidina (08061631127)

Location: Zaria, Kaduna State.

Northern Zone III

Zonal Coordinator: Rev’d Stephen Dada (08036140819)

Location: C/O First Baptist Church, Gombe State.

Northern Zone IV

Acting Zonal Coordinator: Bro. Akinola Akindele (06060607204)

Location: C/O First Baptist Church, Gusau, Zanfara State.

Associate Coordinator: Bro. Shalom Ekundayo (08065381235)

Location: Victory Baptist Church Minna, Niger State. 

Northern Zonal V

Associate Zonal Coordinator: Bro. Ajine Delo (08034836767)

Location: C/O First Baptist Church Yola, Adamawa State.

Associate Coordinator: Bro. Pius Gapshie (07030651385)

Location: Taraba Baptist Conference Secretariat, Taraba State.

Associate Coordinator: Bro. Daniel Yusuf Jauro (08020787750)

Students, Rise Now with
Students, rise now, build the Kingdom,
Heed the Master's call today
Students, stand up, follow Jesus;
He's the Life and the Truth, the Way,
In the city, in the village,
In each near or distant land,
Preach the gospel, make disciples
And fulfil the Lord's command,

Refrain : Students, rise now, rise and build (2x)

As true students of the Scripture,
Workmen unashamed and bold,
Grow in Knowledge, deepen wisdom;
God's own truth is purest gold,
And with prayer and devotion
Seek the Master's face each day;
Let the Kingdom come within you
And among you in all ways,

Refrain : Students, rise now, rise and build (2x)

• As the servants of the Saviour
Let God's will be done on earth
Joining hands with other Christians
Share the message of new Birth;
We're forgiven, we've been pardoned
Through the death of Jesus Christ;
God's own love gift has been offered;
Our redemption's sacrifice

Refrain : Students, rise now, rise and build (2x)

• As the members of Christ's body,
Sharing in one common life,
Bearing burdens, sharing sorrows,
Use God's love to banish strife,
We're united in the church now,
Founded on the rock of faith;
We have gifts, now let us use them
That the Church may grow in grace

Refrain : Students, rise now, rise and build (2x)

5. Jesus calls us as disciples
To give all our lives to Him,
Bringing talents, time and money,
And our futures yet unlived.
He is building, let us join Him;
Let us answer Heaven's call;
Students, rise now, rise and follow
Follow Him as Lord of all,
Refrain: Students, rise now, rise and build (2x)

The BSF Hymn was composed with the tune in 1993 by the Rev. (Dr.) Paul Odgen Davidson. He is the Head of the Department of Music at The Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso.

Budget Scheme

The Budget Office of the Nigerian Baptist Convention handles the Convention budget and carries out some other duties. Part of which include





Purpose Statement: The Sports Ministry of the Nigerian Baptist Convention strives to reach unsaved youth with the gospel of Christ through sporting activities of the local church, growing them as disciples, and equipping them to lead others to Christ in the society.


· To collaborate directly with the local church to develop a church-based Sports Ministry, in cooperation with the association and the conference the church belongs.

· To collaborate with Theological Institutions by facilitating Church-Based Sports Ministry to equip student pastors for ministry in the local church.

Rationale for Church-Based Sports Ministry

Sporting activities have become a major attraction to contemporary youth and a common language to every category of young people. Meanwhile, this would be best done through the local church because the local church is the method of God for ministry in the world, including sports ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13).

Church-Based Sport Ministry

The church-based sports ministry can be defined as the local church participating in sporting activities in the community because of her passion for Jesus and her compassion for the lost in the world of sports.

How to Develop a Church-Based Sports Ministry

To avoid the church-based sports ministry becoming activity-driven and competition-driven

· Develop and write a clear and concise purpose statement.

· Every member of the church (old and young) must be able to understand and recite the purpose statement.

· Address possible misconceptions and challenges of the ministry: misunderstanding, underfunding, understaffing, un-appreciation.

Why the Need for a Church-based Sports Ministry

· God created us to play

· God created us to compete and improve one another

· Sporting activities are inherently good

· To bring glory to God through our participation

· To redeem sport from immorality and idolatry.

· To offer the world the best way to do sports.

How to Participate in Church-based Sports Ministry

  i. Unlearn: Every individual who intends to participate in the Sports Ministry of the Nigerian Baptist Convention must consciously and intentionally unlearn whatever idea they have preconceived about Sports Ministry before now.

  ii. Learn: As posited by the formal President John F. Kennedy of USA, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” As we relieved ourselves of our previous ideas of Sports Ministry, we come together occasionally and where necessary to reflect through what church-based sports ministry is and how we can use it to contribute to healthy growth of our respective churches.

  iii. Re-learn: We return to our respective churches, associations, and conferences to adapt and contextualize what we have learned to our Christian ministries even as we pass the message across to other Christians in our location.

Take the Following Steps

  i. Delegate a church officer, who would work with an appointed association’s officer and also work with an appointed conference’s officer. These officers (from the church level to the conference level) should be people with passion for Jesus and young people.

  ii. Develop and write a clear and concise purpose statement. The purpose statement for each local church should guide in developing and writing one for the church-based sports ministry. The same thing goes for the association and conference. No church-based sports ministry’s purpose statement should contradict the purpose statement of the local church.

  iii. Lead your church, association and conference respectively to pray about your plan for church-based sports ministry.

  iv. Cast vision for your church, association and conference, as the case may be.

  v. Identify church-based athletes that would serve your church, association and/or conference in that ministry.

  vi. Contact the Youth & Student Ministries Department, Baptist Building in Ibadan for collaboration in the area of appropriate training for effective church-based sports ministry.


Church-based sports ministry is a relevant strategy on which youth ministry can thrive in the local church. However, it can easily become activity-driven or competition-driven if there is no purpose statement guiding the participation of the church. In other words, there must be a well-written purpose statement, clear and concise for every member of the church (young and old) to understand before considering sports/recreation as a relevant strategy for effective church ministry. While sports/recreation is not necessarily the only relevant outreach strategy for the local church, it is necessary to address some of the misconceptions about sports ministry in the local church. Therefore, the church doesn’t necessarily make use of sporting activities or any of the common grace languages for any personal gain or selfish interest, but for the sake of our passion for Christ, for the sake of the lost souls, for the sake of the gospel, and to bring glory to the name of God in the sports arena.


Contact Officers

Rev. Samuel A. Alabi

Senior Ministerial Officer

+2348030497794 / +2348159990308


National Office: youth@nigerianbaptist.org

Welcome to Youth Ministries

The Youth Ministries Division [YMD] is a division of the Youth & Students’ Ministries Department, working with the youths in focus under the auspices of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. The youth fellowship is unique in her composition. It is a fellowship of students, admission seekers, job seekers, the employed, the singles and the married. The youth ministries division is a specialized ministry that has these groups in focus; designing programmes that address the teeming needs of the members of the group.


The Youth Ministries in Nigeria was inaugurated in Iwo, in 1973. This was the result of the efforts of some concerned persons like Rev. Emmanuel Akingbala, Dr. E.A. Dahunsi, Oba Samuel Abimbola II [Oluwo of Iwo], Bro. Noah Iyanda and Late Dr. T.A. Ayorinde, who preached at the inaugural ceremony. His message was concluded with these statements: ‘’Let us always remember that ours is not supposed to be a pressure group. Neither is the organization to become a society of those who think they know all that there is to be known. Rather, the Convention expects her youth to participate fully in a constructive way. Thus, we expect cooperation with the Convention to the best of your ability.’’ Six conferences were represented and 241 youth delegates participated at the inaugural ceremony.

The objectives at the inauguration were threefold:

  1. To help the Baptist youth to recognize their individual opportunities and responsibilities in the church worldwide mission
  2. To inspire Baptist youths to commit their lives to continuing Christian witness
  3. To provide opportunity for Baptist youths to know one another better and thus work co-operatively to fulfill the Great Commission.

To reach all youths for Christ, and position them for effective living and service that reflects the glory of God.


  1. The constitutional objectives of the Nigerian Baptist Convention Youth Conference (NBCYC) are:
  2. To cooperate with the Nigerian Baptist Convention in emphasizing its declared principles among youths;
  3. To take the whole gospel of Jesus to all who do not know it or have not received it, wherever opportunity may be found.
  4. To encourage and assist in the building and maintenance of Baptist Youth Centres.
  5. To afford a united action concerning matters affecting the welfare of youth fellowships in the Convention and to cultivate fellowship by such other means as the conference may adopt.
  6. To invest in any financial undertaking that is for the propagation of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  7. To prepare the youths as a formidable force to take over the mantle of leadership for the next generation.


The focus of the Youth Ministries Division’s relationship with the church is partnership for church empowerment. This is founded on the understanding of youths’ position in the church as leaders of today and tomorrow. We enable youths to discover themselves within their different settings outside the church. Through self discoveries series, leadership development, mission and evangelism, financial empowerment principles, orientations that lead to excellence in every endeavour of life and other trainings, they are positioned to serve in the different capacities they are gifted in, especially as their giftedness finds outlets in fruitful service to the glory of God. The church is conceived as a test ground for the deposits of God in the believer’s life. With the appropriate motivation, it is expected that the youths would perform.


  1.   Organizing conferences;
  2. Discovery and positioning of gifts for service;
  3.   Working at the sidelines of the church to assist the church ministries with the youths;
  4.   Organizing annual conferences for leadership development and empowerment;
  5.   Providing motivations for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.