General Administration Department

Information and Communication Technology

This is the ICT Unit of the NBC under the General Admin.
We are the heart of information of the convention; we make things happen as far as Information Technology is concerned in NBC.

Maintenance of NBC network and internet facilities in these places:
Global Missions Board
Baptist Press
Women’s Missionary Union
GS Residential Quarters
Molete Guest House
Maintenance of the Convention Website

Live Streaming of  event
Co-ordinate/ Development of Application software for the Organization
Setting up of console/sound studio for churches
Computer repairs and servicing
Staff training in respect to ICT
Handling of the Public Address System for the Convention (Sound Engineering)
Research............And many more.



Baptist Media

You are welcome to the Baptist Media page.

The Media Unit is under the General Admin of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. As an electronic arm of the convention, we help to keep record of audio-visual happenings of convention related programmes. Our Bible focal verse is “… that by every possible means (we) might win some to God.” (1 Corinthians 9:22).

Our Philosophy
As part of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, the Baptist Media use appropriate media tools for supporting the convention’s objectives which include: one, to present the whole gospel of Jesus Christ to all areas of Nigeria and beyond wherever opportunity may be found; two, to encourage Christians to be well rooted in their spiritual growth; three, to strengthen church leaders to maintain high spiritual standard in order to do more exploits for the Lord; and four, to train leaders and church members for the growth and expansion of God’s kingdom.

Our purpose

1. Our purpose,  therefore, is to use available media tools and materials, and also produce additional materials that will:

2. stimulate in the people of Nigeria and outside Nigeria spiritual awareness that directs them to Jesus Christ as saviour;

3. produce biblical programmes that will help Christians toward spiritual maturity;

4. Organise workshops that would use different methods of reaching people with the gospel and sustaining the converted, e.g. Drama Ministry;

5. assist churches, associations and conferences in an effort to plant preaching points;

6. assist in training church members in Christian ministry in collaboration with other organizations;

7. Give support to the activities of churches, Associations, Conferences, Departments and Nigerian Baptist Convention at large to help fulfill the objectives as stated above.

 Our Activities

Below are some activities of Baptist Media:

1.  Recording and selling of annual Convention Session programmes.

2. Renting out of video camera and other accessories for film shooting.

3. Editing of films in a conducive studio.

4. Multi camera recordings of Revivals, Open Air Crusades, Conferences, Conventions, Retreats etc.

5. Recording of Baptist Conference sessions and Pastors ordination.

6. Recording and selling of department conference programmes.

7. Annual drama workshop and retreat for drama ministries.

8. Recording and selling of General Workers Conference CDs.

9. Production of Television and Radio programmes sponsored by the Nigerian Baptist Convention through Baptist Media.
Documentaries of churches, Conferences, Institutions, aged parents etc.

10.  Conversion of VHS to CDs and mass dubbing of CD programmes, jingles etc.

Our Future Goal

·    Production of a video film.

·    Full transmission on NBC Sat TV. 



Internet Ministry


In line with one of the visions of the President to break new mission frontiers through the use of various aspects of the Internet, a new unit, the Internet Ministry unit, has just been created with a ministerial officer that will anchor its activities.


Slogan:  NBC Internet Ministry Division: Breaking New Frontiers through the Internet

Mission Statement: The unit exists to

    1. Minister to the Nigerian Baptist family in particular and the whole world in general with the word of God and the activities of the Nigerian Baptist Convention through various aspects of the Internet by liaising with other departments, divisions and units of the Convention.
    2. Create the awareness and start vigorous promotion on the advantages of using the Internet to disseminate information in Christian ministry.
    3. Facilitate the use of the Internet among the younger generation in the church through chat groups, online social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and the likes.

Vision Statement: To utilize the various aspects of the Internet in ministering to the Nigerian Baptist family in particular and the whole world in general with the word of God and the activities of the Nigerian Baptist Convention; to promote the advantages of using the Internet to disseminate information in Christian ministry; to train ministers on the need to encourage the use of the Internet as a means to reach the world; and to facilitate the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to reach the younger generation in the church through chat groups, online social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and the likes.


The unit is doing amongst other things these things:

    1. Liaising with the Convention Webmaster in provision of a functional, frequently updated, spiritually enriched and interactive website for the Convention.
    2. Posting of relevant information in and managing other features of the Internet like Facebook, Twitter, yahoo groups and the likes.
    3. Sending of birthday greetings to friends of the Convention on Facebook pages.
    4. Sending of birthday greetings to Baptist Building staff and possibly Convention pastors that are in the Convention database.
    5. Sending of monthly prayer messages and SMS on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo groups and to Baptist Building staff and possibly Convention pastors that are in the Convention database.
    6. Liaising with the office of the President in getting written messages and/or other Baptist ministers as approved by the President to be posted on the Convention website on weekly or regular basis.
    7. Coordinating the broadcasting of programmes like sermon, songs, interviews, talks, documentaries, adverts, jingles, and the likes on the Convention Internet Radio.
    8. Liaising with the office of the President, the Media Unit and ICT Unit in recording live messages of the President and other key officers of the Convention for webcasting on the Convention website periodically.
    9. Liaising with the Director of Publications in promoting the Convention literature materials on the Convention website.
    10. Liaising with the Editor of The Nigerian Baptist in promoting the magazine’s monthly editions and posting extract of the editions on the Convention website.
    11. Liaising with the Director of Christian Education  and the Coordinators in the department in promoting the programmes of activities of the department.
    12. Liaising with the Coordinators of Student Ministries and Youth Ministries in promoting the programmes of activities of the department.
    13. Liaising with the Coordinator of the Discipleship and Spiritual Formation Division in ministering to people online through counselling and praying online and offline.
    14. Creating an Internet group and/or online social network (like Facebook) forums where people especially students that have interest will be receiving the daily devotionals by email.
    15. Encouraging and helping the officers of the Convention to have mailing and SMS lists of people they are working with so that information will be easily passed across to them through the Internet by email and/or web-based SMS.
    16. Encouraging and helping the Youth and Student Ministries to have mailing lists and, if possible, separate websites and online social network (like Facebook) forums where they will be meeting the peculiar needs of youth and students online.
    17. Liaising with the office of the President on how the General Secretary can be having interactive sessions with the Nigerian Baptist family and others on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    18. Regulating/Moderating trends of friends/followers of the Convention and their comments/contributions on Facebook, Twitter and other Internet forums created for the Convention.
    19. Creating awareness on and promoting the advantages of using the Internet to disseminate information in Christian ministry.
    20. Organizing and leading seminars and workshops on how to utilize the Internet to disseminate information in Christian ministry.
    21. Liaising with the Director of Publications in making use of the pastors’ database in many ways to reach the pastors on the Internet.
    22. Creating online database for pastors and officers of the Convention.

For more details, observations and suggestions, contact:

Mrs. OLAWUYI, Oluwabukola Christiana

Internet Ministry Officer,

Nigerian Baptist Convention

+234 8172802298, +234 8065851548, +234 8159990098

internetministry@nigerianbaptist.org , bukit4eva@yahoo.com




Social Ministries

Aged Ministry

Everybody pray to live long, but only few people think and plan for the challenges of old age. Caring for the aged is a collective responsibility of the children, family, community, church, and the government. All of these bodies mentioned had enjoyed these adults in their early days therefore, the church should:

  1. Plan different programmes for the aged like: aged Sunday, wherein they will handle the whole worship service.
  2. A day retreat from 10am to 3pm let it include health programmes,
  3. Excursions to places of interest not too long a distance though.

Plan other programmes that are of interest to them before they begin to sing “While I draw this fleeting breath, when mines eyes is close in death.”

Home and Family Care Ministry: This ministry involves people with broken homes, waiting couples, older bachelors and spinsters, widows and widowers, way-ward children, etc.


  1. There is no marriage without one or two issues that is bothering them especially newly wedded couples. It is the duty of this division to assist them either as a group or together with the leadership of the pastor.
  2. Save waiting couples by giving them good counsel for proper medication, counseling and guidance before they fall victim of false prophets or begin to serve lesser gods.
  3. Organize seminars, workshops, retreats and fellowships for older bachelors and spinsters, thereby providing conditions that make it easy to interact with one another in the fear of God. Prayer will open their minds to the next decision that will be approved by God.

Widows and widowers need more than gift items at Christmas and New Year, they need fellowships, retreats, counsel from time to time, they need people who will mentor their children therefore, the church is expected to develop a ministry for them.


Ministry to the Addicts

All over the world today, there are touts, area boys, children roaming about the streets aimlessly with no destination. There are traffickers, drug addicts, prostitutes, cultists, alcoholics and other social vices.

  1. Though our own children are taught of the Lord, if we fail to minister to these ones (addicts), they may never allow us to enjoy our children. We must yield to the call and send the light to them.
  2. Pray well before launching into this ministry
  3. Go in groups to their joints - under the bridges, mechanic workshops, bar joints, etc
  4. Familiarize with them. That is, establish relationship until they have confidence in you they will not open up. It is very important that you know what led them to that crisis.
  5. Show them the gospel and gradually lead them to Christ.
  6. It will take some time
  7. Some need to be taking for medication

Involve the Counselling group of your church as well as the medical team.

Hospital Ministry

Health is wealth so goes a saying. The plan of God for mankind according to 3 John 2 is that we all will be in sound health but once in a while we do have little ailment in our bodies. At other times, some other peoples’ ailment takes some time to be cured, so they have to be hospitalized and pay heavy bills. Some of these people do not even have money to pay their bills. Some of them have no money to eat good food, while some have their relatives’ runaway because they do not have means of settling the bills. The problems encountered are multi-various and multi-dimensional. What then is the role of the church?

1.  Pray well before you ever begin this ministry

  1. Visit the sick in their homes as well as the hospitals
  2. Sit with them a while, and watch things around them to know where to help
  3. Pray with the sick after asking for how they are feeling.
  4. Report critical cases to the Social welfare of the hospital
  5. Inform the hospital authority of whatever kind of help you bring before distribution
  6. Pray for all the sick in the hospital according to the directives of the authority.
  7. For those who cannot afford their bills any assistance to be rendered must be consulted with the authority.
  8. There might be some cases that need spiritual assistance in addition to their medication, report such to your pastor and social ministries director of your church
  9. After each visit to the hospital, go back to pray in the church.



Orphanage Ministry

There are lots of children out there on the streets due to the high rate of poverty; they are roaming about aimlessly having nowhere to lay their heads. John 10:10 says that Christ came that all may enjoy life abundantly - the hungry, thirsty, and the naked need to be cared for before they can listen to the word of God. Therefore, this ministry takes the gospel to the neglected outside the church in the streets, market places, etc. How can they be ministered unto?

  1. The church can on a quarterly basis look for where such children are concentrated, prepare some food items, feed these children and later talk to them about Jesus.
  2. Plan to have a one on one chat with them, ask about their parents and know the reason while they are there on the street.
  3. You can by this reconcile them back for some of them might have run away from home for fear of being punished for an offence they committed.
  4. Some must have lost contact with their parents or guardians, take such to Social welfare of your state and have proper documentation. Then, you can arrange for a guardian in your church or any known Good Samaritan to take him or her into their homes.

Your church can also arrange to take such to motherless home and assume some responsibilities.

Prison Ministry

The major assignment of this division is to work towards the salvation of the prison’s in-mates through visitation, preaching, and teaching as well as disciple those to the point that by the time of their release, they would have become matured Christians.

  1. There are days for visitation, on these days they can meet them on one on one and lead them to Christ.
  2. There are days scheduled for gifts, this must be done through permission from the warders.
  3. The major attention and our focus is restorative justice as against judging and punishing the offender - Hebrew13:3.
  4. Not all of them in prison are guilty, some are there because there was nobody to plead their case
  5. Our own function is not to judge them but to restore them back to their families, and the society; rehabilitate them by teaching them a trade or seek for employment for those who have the required qualification.
  6. The golden text for them is Matthew 25:36 ”I am in prison and you visited me” while the song is “Rescue the perishing”


Rehabilitation and Vocational Advancement Ministry: There will be workshops to learn different trades, technical, catering, furniture, fashion designing, etc


It is especially for those releases through the Prison ministry.

  1. Touts
  2. Drug addicts
  3. Cultist
  4. Commercial sex workers
  5. Those from home care and orphanage ministries
  6. Those seeking for self development in livelihood
  7. Those who want to learn petty trade to alleviate poverty.

Relief Ministry

In case of any disaster, the church should be ready to give some kind of assistance. This is another way of showing brotherly love. Once it comes to the knowledge of a member, he or she should report to the Pastor as well as begin to think of how to be part of the solution to that problem. It is never a time to begin to look for who caused the problem or who is to be blamed.

  1. The church gives direct relief to disasters to support the immediate needs of victims
  2. It may be natural, flood, fire, political, civil, religious, war (refugees), etc. If ever we needed to be concerned and be involved as a nation, this is the time.

It is money and time consuming, but it is our God’s given responsibility and heavenly rewarding - Matt.25:31