Insurance Scheme

Insurance Services : NBC Insurance Agency

This is to notify the Nigerian Baptist Convention family about the Insurance Services provided through the Nigerian Baptist Convention. The Convention now operates an insurance agency which we hope will soon graduate to an insurance broking firm. We can now handle classes of insurance as agent of insurance companies.
Conferences, Associations, Churches, Institution, Individual Baptist and organizations should please channel their Insurance policy(ies) in respect of vehicles church buildings, school buildings, pastoriums, shops, Guest houses, Office complex, Factories, Warehouse, Group of life assurance, life assurance etc through the convention. This will add value to your business undertakings. Some of the benefits that await you if you do business with us are:

  1. A sense of belonging
  2. Facilitate your insurance dealings and undertakings
  3. Assistance by the Convention, using her goodwill, to process claims whenever situation demands
  4. Competitive and reasonable premium payment
  5. An assurance that all genuine claim(s) will be settled on time when the need arises.

Saddle us with your insurance responsibility for optimal risk management.

This is another avenue for you to support the Nigerian Baptist Convention. We are ready to serve you better and promptly.

For further information, please contact today
The Insurance Officer,
The Treasurer’s Officer,
Nigerian Baptist Convention
P.M.B. 5113, Ibadan
Tel. 02-2412873; 0805-5300171