Home and Family Care Ministry

Home and Family Care Ministry: This ministry involves people with broken homes, waiting couples, older bachelors and spinsters, widows and widowers, way-ward children, etc.


  1. There is no marriage without one or two issues that is bothering them especially newly wedded couples. It is the duty of this division to assist them either as a group or together with the leadership of the pastor.
  2. Save waiting couples by giving them good counsel for proper medication, counseling and guidance before they fall victim of false prophets or begin to serve lesser gods.
  3. Organize seminars, workshops, retreats and fellowships for older bachelors and spinsters, thereby providing conditions that make it easy to interact with one another in the fear of God. Prayer will open their minds to the next decision that will be approved by God.


Widows and widowers need more than gift items at Christmas and New Year, they need fellowships, retreats, counsel from time to time, they need people who will mentor their children therefore, the church is expected to develop a ministry for them.