Baptist Media

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The Media Unit is under the General Admin of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. As an electronic arm of the convention, we help to keep record of audio-visual happenings of convention related programmes. Our Bible focal verse is “… that by every possible means (we) might win some to God.” (1 Corinthians 9:22).

Our Philosophy
As part of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, the Baptist Media use appropriate media tools for supporting the convention’s objectives which include: one, to present the whole gospel of Jesus Christ to all areas of Nigeria and beyond wherever opportunity may be found; two, to encourage Christians to be well rooted in their spiritual growth; three, to strengthen church leaders to maintain high spiritual standard in order to do more exploits for the Lord; and four, to train leaders and church members for the growth and expansion of God’s kingdom.

Our purpose  

1.       Our purpose,  therefore, is to use available media tools and materials, and also produce additional materials that will:

  1. stimulate in the people of Nigeria and outside Nigeria spiritual awareness that directs them to Jesus Christ as saviour;
  2. produce biblical programmes that will help Christians toward spiritual maturity;
  3. Organise workshops that would use different methods of reaching people with the gospel and sustaining the converted, e.g. Drama Ministry;
  4. assist churches, associations and conferences in an effort to plant preaching points;
  5. assist in training church members in Christian ministry in collaboration with other organizations;
  6. Give support to the activities of churches, Associations, Conferences, Departments and Nigerian Baptist Convention at large to help fulfill the objectives as stated above.

 Our Activities

Below are some activities of Baptist Media:

1.       Recording and selling of annual Convention Session programmes.

  1. Renting out of video camera and other accessories for film shooting.
  2. Editing of films in a conducive studio.
  3. Multi camera recordings of Revivals, Open Air Crusades, Conferences, Conventions, Retreats etc.
  4. Recording of Baptist Conference sessions and Pastors ordination.
  5. Recording and selling of department conference programmes.
  6. Annual drama workshop and retreat for drama ministries.
  7. Recording and selling of General Workers Conference CDs.
  8. Production of Television and Radio programmes sponsored by the Nigerian Baptist Convention through Baptist Media.
    Documentaries of churches, Conferences, Institutions, aged parents etc.
  9. Conversion of VHS to CDs and mass dubbing of CD programmes, jingles etc.

Our Future Goal

  • Production of a video film.
  • Full transmission on NBC Sat TV.