Stewardship Division

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage the joy of biblical stewardship in congregation and individuals by providing church leaders with exceptional stewardship resources, training and consultations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see followers of Christ faithfully living by God's principle as stewards in every area of their lives.

Our Core Values

We strive to be Christ-centered and bible based with our core values including recognition of God's ownership of all things and the desire to equip and serve others with excellent teachings in ways understood be all cultures and generations in Nigeria.


Empowering Believers with Abundance for Kingdom Growth

Our programmes are classified into segments to emphasize the various aspect of stewardship that are covered in our training, revival services and seminars.

General Stewardship:

The Total Stewardship Becoming a Generous Congregation. Discipleship begins and end with Stewardship

Church Finance:

Responsibilities of Financial Officers

The Role of the Pastor in the Church's Financial Matters

Wealth Creation:

Pulling Down the Strongholds of Poverty

Creating Godly wealth in an ungodly world

Doing Business as a believer (Christian and Business).

Personal Stewardship: Health is Wealth Money Management - Increasing Income, Debt mangement, Saving, retirement and Investment e.t.c.

Training for Church Leaders

Our stewardship staff is equipped and available to provide training for the pastoral and financial leadership of your church, associations, and conference. This training would include guidance and encouragement for fulfilling a position of leadership in the church as well as extensive help in developing a church budget and a year round stewardship calendar.

Stewardship Emphasis

Our office believes that stewardship is everything a believer does after conversion. Although this means stewardship should be a part of the ongoing discipleship ministry of the church, nevertheless, periodically, there is a need for a special emphasis on stewardship. This could be a weeklong programmer or a four to seven weeks extensive session depending on the need of the church. The stewardship office would annual produce booklets that would guide the church in teaching a biblically based stewardship programme.

Church Fundraising Campaign

We believe fundraising is not just a man's method of raising money for the church, but that it is God's method of raising people for His kingdom. We believe that there is a biblical way and methods of raising necessary and adequate funds for church projects and we have been equipped to help churches in Nigeria understand the significant relationship between its spiritual growth (Discipleship) and giving. We deny BOLDLY that the church should beg; though it is the principal beneficiary of a gift: though it is even seen to have needs that are so often pleaded for. Yet, we advocate that the principal beneficiary of giving is the giver.

We will help your congregation see themselves as farmers. Farmers know that the only way to secure their future is to sow as much seeds as they can; hoarding seed will not accomplish much. Our money is the seed God has given us to grow a harvest for His kingdom, and He promises in 2 Corinthians 9: 10 - 11 that He will "multiply our seed and increase the harvest of our generosity, if only we will be faithful to sow" Doing Business by the Book/Christian in Business

We believe that the role of Christian business people is unique and far-reaching and also a significant part of stewardship of influence. Christians in business interact with a major segment of the population and so they are instrumental in the generation and distribution of wealth. They exert significant influence over public policy and are positioned to give credibility (or denial) to many of the great themes of Scriptures. The stewardship office is equipped to offer Christian leaders concise and comprehensive biblical principles of how to apply the Truth of the Bible to all spheres of life and ministry. In creating wealth, we believe in empowering believers to know the how and why of being called into the business world.

Christian Stewardship Prayer Request

Pray that each worker in the Baptist Building and those they will be in contact with will see themselves as stewards of God's grace.

You can pray with any of these Bible passages:

"His master replied, 'You have done well, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things. I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!' (NIRV)Matt. 25:21
"Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful." (NIV)1 Cor. 4:2.

Rev. Dr. Samuel O. Oladimeji
Christian Stewardship Division