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Training Today’s Church for Christ-Like Service and Leadership. Christian discipleship is about exposing our hearts, minds and wills to the glory of Christ so that we may be transformed to His image and thus be equipped, desirous and able to serve our Lord and others in leadership and “followership”.


Our Message


Disciple's Lifestyle in Time Like This



We are in the time when the second coming of Jesus Christ is very near. As a result of this, many things are happening which are evidences of His imminent glorious appearance. Such happenings include Juvenile Delinquencies, Boko-Haram Insurgency, Terrorist attacks in varying Countries, Intertribal/Ethnic wars, Epidemic of Diseases, Economic Recess and Famine, Sexual Immorality and Perversion among Youth and Adults, Injustice in the Home, Workplace, and in Government, Occultism at various School levels, even in the primary schools, Corruption at various levels of Government. All these are satanic schemes from the pit of hell to pose threats and challenges to the Holy living of Christ's Disciples. So in time like this, how should the lifestyle of Christ's Disciple look like?



Disciple's Lifestyle is expected to be that of Victorious Living. Since Jesus Christ had overcome the world for us, we must be encouraged to remain in Him, in His word; trust Him and His Power for daily victory. Our lifestyle should witness Christ to everyone around us wherever we find ourselves. As Christ's Disciples, our lifestyle must show that we are the light of the world, we must shine in the darkness of this world. Our lifestyle must also portray us as the salt of the earth, meant to add sweetness to people's lives, preserve lives, and to heal people's spiritual wounds. People who fall victims of some of the calamities mentioned above need us to provide both emotional and spiritual healing for them. We must be ready and be willing to respond to their needs just as Jesus Christ our Master responded to meet the needs of the people that crossed His path in His own time, and as He is still meeting our own needs at present.



Discipleship is a Biblical mandate and its ultimate goal is to make the disciples become like Christ in words, actions and in lifestyle. Conforming to Christ likeness also demands that the disciples grow up spiritually to the level of reproducing themselves, bearing fruits that endure, thereby enlarging the Kingdom of God and depopulating Satanic kingdom on earth. This means that Disciples' lifestyle must be that of absolute obedience to the Great Commission (Making Disciples) which should be a chain (continuous) process. Disciple's Lifestyle programme of the Nigerian Baptist Convention therefore is designed and prepared to help church members achieve this goal of attaining such spiritual maturity.  




Our Information


I.                    Our Annual Literatures


The Disciple: A Student of God’s Word


Disciple’s lifestyle for Youth and Adult


Igbe-aye Omo-Ehin


Disciple’s lifestyle for Children


II.             Life Commitment


Life Commitment comes up in July every year. We urge churches to observe the programme. The Resource book for the programme this year is The Disciple: An Embodiment of Peace.



III.               Regular Discipleship Resources


1.      Six Lessons (Christ Dwelling in You)


2.      Believer’s Handbook


3.      Follow the Master


4.      Serve the Master


5.      Master Life


6.      The Mind of Christ


7.      Experiencing God


8.      In God’s Presence


You can purchase these books from Nigerian Baptist Bookstore, Ibadan or Publications Department, Baptist Building, Ibadan.

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