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The Nigerian Baptist Convention



Office of the Vice President

(Administration & Human Resources)


Baptist Building, Oke-Bola, Ibadan


To:     All Churches


           All Prospective Scholarship Applicants.


Criteria for Award of Scholarship.

Calvary greetings in Jesus name.

The following criteria shall be applicable for the award of Scholarship.

  •  No Scholarship will be given to candidates whose churches are not cooperating in payment of 20% contribution to the Convention.
  •  Foreign Scholarship will be awarded to applicants pursuing terminal degrees only, subject to a maximum of two years and shall be restricted to students in the last two years of their studies.
  •  Foreign Scholarship is restricted only to courses not offered in Nigeria.
  • Scholarship will be awarded to candidates based on the relevance of the course to the Convention.
  •  Candidates on study leave with pay or on church sponsorship are not eligible for the award.


  • Candidates seeking home scholarship and whose gross salary is above N50,000 per month are not eligible; in the same vein, foreign scholarship will not be awarded to candidates whose gross salary is more than N150,000 per month.


  •  Applicants who do not provide evidence of scholarship offering taken in their churches during the scholarship emphasis Sunday will not be considered.


  • The award of scholarship is opened to ministerial staff only.
  •  Prospective candidates must provide all relevant information and must be sincere. False information will lead to disqualification of application.
  •  Candidate pursuing Diploma or Certificate programmes are not eligible.
  •  Preference will be given to students applying for the first time. Furthermore, candidates shall not benefit from the scheme more than twice.

Prospective applicants are enjoined to acquaint themselves with the conditions mentioned above before applications are submitted.

Kindly note and be guided, accordingly.

Yours in His Service,

Adm. Marcus Audu, ANUPA, MCIA, FSHCM

Vice President

(Administration & Human Resources)

For: Scholarship Board

Cc:      President/CEO
                Conference Presidents