The month of March

The Month of March

1 – Wed.

CED Dept. 4-14 Prayer & Fasting by Children and CED Workers, Parents too can join- All Chs.


1-30  Bayelsa Baptist Conf. Operation Kingdom Expansion- All Chs

Mar.-Sept. Bowen University Commencement of Admission Screening Exercise

2 – Thur.

2-3 NBC EC Mtg.

Conf. Presidents’ mtg with President - 12noon

BCT, Obinze,  Board of Governors’ Mtg.

2-3 WMU Grading Committee – Ede

3- Fri.

BPS Gombi, Board of Governors’ Mtg

BTS, Kaduna, Entrance Interview for Regular and Sandwich Candidates - BTSK

Oke-Ogun Baptist Conf.  EC Mtg  - Ago-Are

3-4 WMU Executive Board Mtg - Ede

3-4 Osun Baptist Conf. Equippers’  Conf. Group 5 (Emmanuel, Hosannah)

3-4 CED Stewardship Seminar at Zone “A” - West location

3-5 Youth & Students’ Dept. Basic Training for Sports Ministry Leaders

3-5 United Baptist Conf.  ANNUAL SESSION - Markurdi, Benue State

4 - Sat.

Bayelsa Baptist Conf. EC Mtg. - 11am

Emmanuel Baptist Conf. General Workers Retreat V:

   Onitsha Asscn. - New Heritage BC Awka; Retreat VI;

    Abakaliki Asscn - Jordan BC - Umuezekoa Retreat  VII

   Umuaiah Asscn - Good  News BC, Umuhia

Ibadan Baptist Conf.  Annual Summit (Ibadan Zone 3)  -Oke-Ado, BC, Ibadan

Rivers Baptist Conf.  EC Mtg - Conf. Office - 11am

BCT, Oyo, Entrance Examination

5- Sun.

Ogbomoso Baptist Conf. Joint Evening Worship - BBC 4.pm

Emmanuel Baptist Conf. College of Theology, Obinze Emphasis - All Chs

Imo Baptist Conf. BACOTH Obinze Emphasis Sunday - All Chs.

Hope Baptist Conf. Mission Schools Emphasis Sunday

 Kwara Baptist Conf. Corporate Service - Ganmo

 BTS, Kaduna, Emphasis Day – All Churches

 Rivers Baptist Conf. Rehoboth BA Exchange of Pulpit

 5-11 Oyo Baptist Conf. Literacy Mission Week - All Chs.

6 –Mon.

NBC Admin. Council Mtg.

6-9 BCT, Igede-Ekiti, Ministers’ Conf.

6-9 BCT,Oyo, Annual Ministers’ Conf.

6-10  CED Trainers Workshop for Children’s/Teenagers Workers - CBC, Jos7- Mon.

7-10 BCT, Igede-Ekiti, Ministers’ Conference

7-11 Hope Baptist Conf. T-NET International Training   - Calabar

7-12 CED Trainers’ Workshop for Children /Teenagers Workers.  - Central Baptist Conf., Jos

BTS, Benin City, Entrance Application  Closes

7- Tue.

BCT, Benin City, Submission of AAU Final Draft to Supervisor

8- Wed.

BCT, Benin City, Faculty Meeting

8-11 Cote-D’Ivoire Baptist Conf. Pastors’ Retreat

9- Thur.

BTS, Kaduna, Board of Governors’ Meeting

Rivers Bapitst Conf. 1st Quarter:  Abua BA Meeting

9-11 Ogbomoso Baptist Conf. Youth Annual Session - Redeemers’ Association

9-12 BSF LTC, Zanfara


BCT, Benin City, Entrance Examination

10-11 Osun Equippers’ Conf. Group 6 (Iwo West, Iwo East)

10-11 Kwara Baptist Conf. Christian Education Retreat - Ganmo

10-12 WMU Sunbeam Leadership Workshop - Ede

10-12 Lagos West Baptist Conf. Lifeway International Conference


Oke-Ogun Baptist Conf. Prayer Retreat

Ibadan Baptist Conf. Kingdom Workers’ Assembly(Ibarapa Zone) ist BC, Idere

Providence Baptist Conf. General Leadership Seminar - FBC, Ughelli

BPS, Gombi, Entrance Examination/Interview

12-  Sun.


Ogbomoso Baptist Conf. Mass Literacy Promotion Week - All Chs

Ondo Baptist Conf. Exchange of Pulpit - All Chs.

Rivers Baptist Conf. Ikwerre First  Aid Offering Sunday

BTS, Kaduna, Emphasis Sunday - All Chs.

12-13 North-East Baptist Conf. EC Mtg

16- Thur.

Ministerial Board Mtg.

16-17 Kogi Baptist Conf. Pastors and Wives’ Retreat   - Araromi Baptist Church, Kabba

16-17 MMU NEC Meeting

16-18 Rivers Bap. Conf. 1st Quarter: Ikwerre East B. A Mtg

16-20  Edo Baptist Conf. Youth Camp

17- Fri.

NBC Night of Wonders - Hebron Centre, Lasokun, Idi-Ishin, Apata

Ondo Baptist Conf. EC Mtg - Conf. Secretariat

BPS, Boshikiri, Entrance Exam/Interview - Boshikiri

17-18 Osun Equippers’ Conf. Group 8 (Alaafia-Oluwa)

17-18 Rivers Baptist Conf.  1st Quarter: Ubie/Engenni/ Ogoni/ Ekpeye/Ogbogolo BA Mtg

17-19 Providence - Delta Baptist Conf. BSWB, General Crusade

17-19 Lagos East Baptist Conf. WMU Widows’ Prayer Retreat

18- Sat.

BCT, Obinze, Interview for 2017 Candidate

BTS, Eku, Entrance Examination

Providence-Delta Baptist Conf. Pastors and Spouses’ Retreat

BPS, Gombi, Pastors’ School, Gombi, Student Pastors on Revival

BCT, Obinze, Interview for 2017 Candidates

BCT, Igede-Ekiti, Entrance Exams

RA Hiking Day (A walk for christ)

18-19 Hope Baptist Conf. EC Mtg

19 – Sun.

19-24  CED Literacy Mission Week - All Chs

Bayelsa Baptist Conf. Mission Emphasis Sunday - All Chs

Plateau South Baptist Conference Emphasis

Ibadan Baptist Conf. Fire on the Altar’s Prayer Mtg - Hebron Baptist Centre, Lasokun, Ibadan

Ekiti Baptist Conf. Arise & Build Sunday - All Chs

19-24  Ibadan Baptist Conf. Literacy Mission Wk. - All Chs.

19- Sat.

BTS, Eku, Entrance Examination

BCT, Igede-Ekiti, Entrance Exams

BPS, Gombi, Student  Pastors on Revival

BPS, Boshikiri Entrance Exam/Interview - Boshikiri

Gongola Baptist Conf. EC Mtg - ABC, Jambutu

Lagos Central Baptist Conf. Widows’  Retreat - Shepherdhill, BC

BCT, Igede-Ekiti, Entrance Exams

Osun Baptist Conf. Deacons’ Fellowship Annual Retreat - Baptist Dominion Centre, Ife-Oluwa, Modakeke, Ogo-Oluwa

Ibadan Baptist Conf. Kingdom Workers’ Retreat (Ibadan Zone 2) Molete BC Ibadan/Eleyele BC, Ibadan

19-20 Hope Baptist Conf. EC Mtg

19-20 North-West Baptist Conf. R.A & Lydia Conference  - North-West Conf. Camp, FBC, Malumfashi

20- Mon.

20-23 Osun Baptist Conf. Ministers’ Education Summit

20-24 BPS, Boshikiri Entrance Exam/Interview – Boshikiri

21- Tue.


Youth & Students’ Ministries Advisory Board Mtg - Baptist Building

23- Thur.  

BCT, Oyo, Board of Governors’ Mtg

Baptist Bookstore Board Mtg.

23-25 Rivers Baptist Conf. 1st Quarter: C.T.T. George BA Mtg/ Iwerre West/W.H. Carson/Ugbobi/Igbuduya BA Mtgs

23-26 Lagos East Baptist Conf. BSF Village Outreach

24- Fri.

NBTS, Ogbomoso, deadline : submission of Degree & M.DIV Essays

Ekiti Baptist Conf. Arise & Build Sunday

BCT, Jos, Board Meeting

24-25 Osun Baptist Conf. Equippers’ Conf. Group 9 (Philadephia)

24-25 Kwara Baptist Conf. WMU Widows’ Retreat - Ganmo

24-26 Lagos East Baptist Conf. Widows’ Retreat

25- Sat.

Providence -Delta Baptist Conf. Moderators and Financial Officers’ Seminar - FBC,  Agbarho - 11am

26 -Sun

Mar. 26-April 1 CED Dept. & Publications Dept. Writers’ Workshop  - Camp Young, Ede

26-28 Osun Baptist Conf. Crusade   - Dominion Baptist Centre

27 – Mon.

27-31 NBTS, Ogbomoso, Interview 2017/2018 Admissions

28– Tue.

BTS, Kaduna, Distinguished Scholar Lecture – BTSK

29- Tue.

29– Wed.

BCT, Oyo, General Assembly

30 – Thur.

30-31 Retirement Challenge Conference - Camp Young Ede

31- Fri.

Imo Baptist Conf. Pastors & Wives’ Forum (FBC, Owerri)

BCT, Benin City, submission of AAU Final (bounded) copy

United Baptist Conf. Organisations Leaders’ Forum - Lafia