The Month of February

The Month of February

1 – Mon.

Gen. Workers’ Conf (West 2) – Iseyin/Saki Centre – Oke Ogun Conf.

1-28 MMU Leadership Training Conference

BTS, Eku, Second Semester Registration

BCT, Lagos, 2nd Semester Begins

4-14 Window: Prayer & Fasting by Children and their Workers. Parents too can join- (All Churches

2 – Tue.

Ordination Interviews: Oke Ogun Conf.

Social Ministries Dept Board Meeting- Baptist Building, Oke- Bola, Ibadan

BTS, Eku, Second Semester Classes Begin

BCT, Obinze, Second Semester Classes Begin

Imo Baptist Conf. Admin. Council

Medical Board Mtg

3- Wed.

3-5 NBTS, Ogbomoso, Spiritual Emphasis.

4- Thur.

Gen. Workers’ Conf. (West 3) – Osogbo Centre – Kogi,

Africa Day of Prayer

Kaduna Baptist Conf. Pastors’ Fellowship Meeting

Oyo Baptist Conf. EC Mtg Meeting – Zion BC, Ilora

Ibadan Baptist Conf. EC Meeting – Hebron BC, Lasokun, Idi-Ishin, Ibadan

4-7 BSF Staff’s Retreat/Meeting

5- Fri.

Ordination Interviews: Kogi, Kwara, Ekiti, Ondo, Osun

Social Ministries Dept last day for the submission of Annual Report from Conferences

WMU Camps Management Committee - Ede

5-6 Emmanuel Baptist Conf. WMU Prayer and Fasting/Grading/EC – FBC, Uwani, Enugu

5-6 Ibadan Baptist Conf. BSF Leadership Summit

6- Sat.

Bayelsa Baptist Conf. Leadership Retreat

Emmanuel Baptist Conf. CED COMM. MTG

Hope Baptist Conf.  General Workers’ Retreat (Calabar, Uyo, Idorenyin)

Ogbomsoso Baptist Conf. Waitng Mothers’ & Fathers’ Retreat.

NBTS, Ogbomoso, Entrance Examination

Imo Baptist Conf. Leadership Retreat Zone 1 (Umuguma)

7- Sun.

CED Stewardship Emphasis Sunday- All Chs

Niger-Kebbi Emphasis Sunday

Ogbomoso Baptist Conf. Joint Evening Worship - BBC

7-25 Oke-Ogun Baptist Conf. Simultaneous Revival - All Chs

8- Mon.

BCT, Igede-Ekiti, 2nd Semester Classes Begin

8-9 BCT, Igede-Ekiti, Faculty/Staff Retreat

8-10 BCT, Lagos College Spiritual Retreat

10- Wed.

0-12 BCT, Igede-Ekiti, Students’ Spiritual Enrichment Programme

10-13 Taraba Baptist Conf. ANNUAL SESSION   - Jalingo Central Bapt  Asscn

11- Thur.

1-13 North-West Baptist Conf. ANNUAL SESSION - FBC, Gusau

11-13 Emmanuel Baptist Conf. Youth Leadership Retreat- Uwani, Enugu

11-13 Providence- Delta Baptist Conf. ANNUAL SESSION - Grace Baptist Asscn

11-13 Kwara Baptist Conf. Pastors’ & Wives’’Retreat

11-13 Ondo Baptist Conf. Pastors’ Wives’ Retreat -TNCBC, Oba-Ile, Akure.

12- Fri.

Ministerial Training Board Mtg - Baptist Building, Ibadan

BCT, Obinze, Founders’ Day/Lecture/Celebration

Emmanuel Baptist Conf.  Enugu Asscn WMU Prayer Retreat/Leadership and EC (Centre BC, Okpara Avenue, Enugu

Southern Kaduna Baptist Conf. EC Mtg - Kafanchan

12-13 Oyo Baptist Annual Literacy Seminar - Zion BC, Ilora

12-13 Osun Baptist Conf. Equippers’ Conf.  Group 3 (Ede, Fellowship, United, Zion 1)

12-14 Kaduna Baptist Conf. Mission Outreach - Buruku Assoc.

12-14 United Baptist Conf. Lydia Prayer Retreat


Hope Baptist Conf. General Workers’ Retreat (Ogoja, Yala & United)

Ogbomoso Baptist Conf. Stewardship Seminar

Lagos East Baptist Conf. MMU Leadership Clinic

Lagos East Baptist Conf. Rebecca’s Prayer Retreat/WMU Daughters of Zion

Fellowship  Baptist Conf. EC Mtg

Ogun Baptist Conf. EC Mtg

Ondo Baptist Conf. Blissful Christian Home Singles’ Summit  - Plaza Motel, Oke-Ijebu, Akure

Imo Baptist  Conf. Leadership Retreat  Zone II (Nwarieubi)

Imo Baptist Conf. BSF/BCF Leadership Retreat

Lagos West Baptist Conf. Safe-Edge Baptist Conf.

BCT, Obinze, Founders’ Day/Lecture/Celebration

Emmanuel Baptist Conf.  Enugu Asscn WMU Prayer Retreat/Leadership and EC (Centre BC, Okpara Avenue, Enugu

Southern Kaduna Baptist Conf. EC Mtg - Kafanchan

14 -Sun.

MMU Emphasis Sunday

Bayelsa Baptist Conf. Exchange of Pulpit (All Chs)


BCT, Benin City Sandwich AAU Examinations

15-18 BCT, Obinze, Ministers’ Conference

15-20 Osun Baptist Conf. Mission Week of Prayer

17- Wed.

GMB Board Mtg - GMB Office Ibadan

17-19 BCT, Lagos Ministers’ Conference (BCT Lagos)

17-19 Imo Baptist Conf. Youth Leadership Retreat

17-20 Central Baptist Conf. 39th ANNUAL SESSION

17-20 Southern Kaduna Baptist Conf. ANNUAL SESSION - New Township Stadium, Kafanchan

17-20 BSF Gongola Conference LTC

18- Thur.

Lagos Central Baptist Conf. EC Mtg -Ijero BC

Emmanuel Baptist Conf. Baptist Dental Advisory Board Committee  - Baptist Dental Centre, Enugu- 11am

18-20 Niger-Kebbi Annual Session - A.O.B.C KAGARA

18-21 Global Missions Board Missionaries Retreat -  East

18-21 Anioma-Delta Baptist Conf.- Victory BC, Asaba

18-24 Ethiope-Delta 2nd ANNUAL SESSION

18-20 Kogi Baptist Conf. Christian Education Seminar West - Mopa Assctn

18-20 Plateau South Baptist Conf. Annual Session - B. H. S. Shendam

18-20 Fellowship Baptist Conf. Annual Session - Baptist High School, Mubi

18-20 Osun Baptist Conf. Annual Youth Conf.  – Bapt. Dominion  Centre

18-20 Ogun Baptist Conf. WMU Annual Conf.  - WMU Sec. Idi-Aba, Abeokuta.

19- Fri.

Osun Baptist Conf. Royal Fathers’ Bible Study /Prayer Meeting

Ogun Baptist Conf. Night of Glory - Baptist Sec. Idi-Aba, Abeokuta

19-20 Ekiti Baptist Conf. Pastors’ Wives’ Annual Retreat - J.S. McGee Camp, Igede-Ekiti

19-21  Osun Baptist Conf. Bi-Annual Teenagers’ Convention - Bapt Dominion Centre

19-21 Oyo Baptist Conf. Annual Youth Session - Zion BC, Ilora

19-22 Lagos East Baptist Conf. BSF Gilgal 24 Hrs Retreat /Gilgal 2016

20- Sat.

Rivers Baptist Conf. General Workers’ Retreat - All Zones

BCT, Obinze, Entrance Examination

Emmanuel Baptist Conf. General Workers’ Retreat II: Aba Association - FBC, Umuode Nsulu

Emmanuel Baptist Conf. General Workers’ Retreat III: Mbaise Assctn - FBC Uvuru

Emmanuel Baptist Conf. Retreat IV -Okigwe/Orlu Association  - EZIHE BC

Hope Baptist Conf. Ford Baptist Academy Board Meeting

Hope Baptist Conf. Interactive Forum with Idorenyin Pastors  and E. C. Members

Lagos East Baptsit Conf. EC Mtg

Imo Baptist Conf. Leadership Retreat Zone III (Durham)

Lagos West Baptist Conf. Miracle Service

Lagos West Baptist Conf. EC Mtg - Union BC, Agege

21- Sun.

Osun Baptist Conf. Mission Offering Sunday


CED Advisory Board Mtg- Baptist Building, Ibadan


23-24 CED Educators, Leadership Retreat, Bapt Building Ibadan

23-27 Gongola Baptist Conf. ANNUAL SESSION - BPS, BoshikiriImo


CED Educators, Leadership Retreat continues Bapt Building Ibadan


BCT, Benin City Regular Students Arrival for Second Semester

Baptist Mission Schools  Education Management Board Mtg

25-28 GMB’s Missionaries’ Retreat Minna - North

25-27 Kogi Baptist Conf. Christian Edcucation Seminar East

25-27 United Baptist Conf.  ANNUAL SESSION  - Makurdi, Benue State.26- Tue.

Ordination Interviews: Anioma, Ethiope, Providence-Delta, Edo Conf.

BPS, Boshikiri, Youth Night Annual Session – BPS Boshikiri

26- Fri.

Imo Baptist Conf. EC Mtg

26-27   Osun Baptist Conf. Equippers Group  4  (Covenant, El-Shaddai, Tolulope, Zion II - Tolulope

26-28 G.A. Leadership Workshop, Ede

26-28 Kaduna Bapitst Conf. Mission Outreach to - Danhono Assoc.

27- Sat.

BTS, Eku, Governing Council’s Mtg

Emmanuel Baptist Conf. MMU Leadership Retreat

28- Sun.

Bayelsa Baptist Conf. BCT, Obinze,  Emphasis Sunday - All Chs

Central Baptist Conf. Emphasis Sunday - BHS, Jos - All Chs

North-East Baptist Conf. Sunday

29- Mon.

BCT, Benin City Regular Students Second Semester Classes Begin

BTS, Eku Closing Date for Submission of Application Form