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Our obedience to the Lord may seem insignificant in the big picture, but it breathes freshness and life into the spiritual atmosphere of every believer.  - David C. McCasland



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Prophetic Words 4 April





Month of Resurrection
Beloved i welcome you  to this month of resurrection where every dead and hopeless situation in your life will come life in Jesus name. The power that brings Jesus out of the grave will work in your life in this month in Jesus name. That stone set up by the enemy as an assurance of of blockage shall be rolled away. Amen. Matthew 28:1-7



Rev Dr Supo Ayokunle, NBC CEO & President

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Glo Family Line



Not able recharge or call out kindly call this number 08159991882, 08159990099, 08159990096


Not able to send text message, call 08159991882


For any line requiring SIM registration kindly go to any Glo registration Centre to register or call 08159991882


To retrieve lost SIM call 08159991882,  08159990096, 08159990099


For more enquiries call 08159991882,  08159990096, 08159990099


NOTE:  Anyone who does not recharge for five (5) months after activation such number will be allocated to another person.


Please, make sure you recharge the day you are supposed to recharge (which is called your anniversary date) to avoid any problem.


Children Corner

What happens when a mother goes to or falls asleep on duty? Let us look in the Bible to find out more:

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Health (Lassa fever)

What is Lassa fever and how can people get sick with Lassa fever?

1.     Lassa fever fever is a very fatal viral haemorrhagic fever which we understand kills faster than Ebola.

2.     The Lassa virus is transmitted to humans via contact with food or household items contaminated with rodent urine or faeces, ......

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Sport ( Muscular Christianity)

I told him I would like to discuss a very important matter with him. “I hope you are not trying to preach to me?” The guy inquired. “Don’t try it. Don’t just try it.” He roared at me. I became more interested in the divine assignment

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