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What an encouragement to live for Him! Our strength for the present and hope for the future are not based on the stability of our own perseverance but on the fidelity of God. No matter what our need, we can count on the Father’s faithfulness.  - Paul Van Gorder

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Prophetic Words 4 June



This month, just when you need Him most, Jesus Christ will be near you ready to help you, ready to comfort and cheer you, ready to give you pleasures anew instead of burdens, ready to answer when you call upon Him in Jesus' name. Amen.

Rev. Dr. Supo Ayokunle, President, Nigerian Baptist Convention


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Children Corner

I want us to think about February. It is a month of decision for Nigerians. As I think about the run up to all elections in February and especially the presidential election on February 14th, 2015 I think of the duties and tasks of parents. They must understand that Peace is not an option. It must be pursued by all means. 

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Health (Ebola)

What is Ebola and how can people get sick with Ebola?

  1. Ebola is a deadly sickness which is caused by a virus.
  2. The virus (germ) which causes the sickness is spread when a person touches the blood, urine, ......

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Sport ( Muscular Christianity)

I told him I would like to discuss a very important matter with him. “I hope you are not trying to preach to me?” The guy inquired. “Don’t try it. Don’t just try it.” He roared at me. I became more interested in the divine assignment

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Night of Wonders

Baptist Night of Wonders

Theme: The Snare is Broken

Text: Psalm 124:7b

Date: Friday, July, 17, 2015

Time: 10pm

Venue: Hebron Convention Centre, Lasokun, Layout, Apata, Jericho, Ibadan


 Rev. Dr. S. O. A.  Ayokunle

NBC President

Evang. Job Alabi

Covenant of Peace Evangelistic Association